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The MIMIBEE Podcast

May 29, 2019


This podcast episode is solely to help educate others considering getting fillers and/or botox. In no way am I trying to convince anyone out there to alter their body, nor am I attempting to encourage it. You are perfectly beautiful just the way you are. Getting needles in your face is a big deal, so think long and hard before deciding on changing your body.

Registered cosmetic nurse Morvarid shares all you need to know about filler and botox treatments. We chat about all things recovery, pricing, types of filler, and more. Tune in to educate yourself if you’re considering getting something done! Morv’s Instagram: @gta_cosmetic_nurse


The MIMIBEE Podcast is a bi-weekly show hosted by Mimi Bouchard. It features segments on motivation and success, transformation stories, health and fitness, love and relationships, and interviews with professionals in their fields. The host Mimi is a self-proclaimed Transformation Specialist. She has undergone the most incredible transformation herself - she went from being very insecure, financially stressed, depressed, lost in life... to absolutely owning her craft and stepping in to her power. Mimi has drastically revolutionized her career, body, relationships, and her mindset. Every episode is incredibly inspiring and highly motivational. If you're looking to upgrade your life in any way, you're in the right place!